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Operation Florian was established in 1995 as a UK fire and rescue service humanitarian charity and works to promote the protection of life amongst communities in need worldwide.

We deliver life-saving vehicles, equipment, supplies and technical expertise to fire and rescue services around the world.

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A 25-year legacy of hope

Since 1995 we have delivered life-saving equipment and expertise to fire and rescue services around the globe.

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Most of our Trustees and members are former or serving firefighters, who use their knowledge and experience to make a difference to communities in need.

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Values and accountability

Ensuring professionalism and accountability, we work tirelessly to ensure that every penny donated to us is spent wisely and in line with our values.

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How it all started

Operation Florian was established by British firefighters who saw that some fire and rescue services around the world would greatly benefit from the training, experience and equipment that UK fire and rescue services have. They believed that through donations, training programmes and ongoing support, they could help local fire and rescue services save lives and protect communities.

We subscribe to the ethos that if you give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day; but if you teach him to fish for himself, he’ll eat for a lifetime.

We have seen that our input, alongside the knowledge and understanding of specific local complexities of those whom we help, can create formidable and inspired firefighters, who can go on saving lives long after we’re gone.

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