Chinhoyi Fire Brigade in Zimbabwe ready for action thanks to Operation Florian

In December 2021, Operation Florian donated an ex-Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service fire appliance and equipment to the community of Chinhoyi in Zimbabwe.

The Volvo fire appliance (registration number MF51 EXS) had served the people of Greater Manchester for a number of years. After it was retired, we shipped it to Walvis Bay in Namibia where Chinoyi Fire Brigade picked it up and drove it back to their community.

A photo sent to us recently by Chinyoi firefighters shows the donated fire appliance is now part of the Municipality of Chinyoi Fire Brigade. Their Fire Chief and Firefighters can also be seen wearing uniforms donated by Operation Florian.

Chinhoyi Fire Brigade

The firefighters wanted to thank Operation Florian for their help in creating safer communities. Chinyoi firefighters have also attended several training programmes that we have facilitated in Zimbabwe.

Without the help and support of UK Fire and rescue services and companies that supply PPE and equipment, Operation Florian could not carry out this vital work. Thank you.