Macedonia – May 2015

Macedonia – May 2015


Dates: 01/05/2015 - 01/05/2015

Location: Tetovo, Macedonia


project leader

Dave Berry

Team members

Nic Lacey


The project

North Macedonia

The Operation Florian project team in Macedonia continue to build incrementally on the specialist fire behaviour skills established with the delivery of a further phase of the project in May 2015 which involved piloting tactical ventilation firefighting training in partnership with the Municipality of Tetovo.

The delivery of tactical ventilation firefighting training is a highly specialist area of technical training which carries significant risk and requires that the appropriate prior knowledge and expertise is readily available amongst all firefighters.  To instigate such training it is absolutely essential there is an infrastructure in place which can support the safe implementation of tactical ventilation for both training and operational incidents.  due to the hazardous nature of the techniques.

The principles of tactical ventilation by forcing air into a fire affected area or compartment can offer tremendous benefits to firefighters by reducing temperatures rapidly,

The training delivered reflected the previous outcomes and development of the project in that the operational capacities required to undertake tactical ventilation now exist within Tetovo and in Macedonia.

The training was an integral stage to furthering the development of the Macedonian breathing apparatus instructors and building their knowledge base further in fire science and fire behaviour. But also it was in part a response to recent operational incidents that had occurred locally especially within high rise premises and the need to incorporate effective ventilation practices.

Operation Florian had donated a PPV (positive pressure ventilation) fan to accompany the training, the first in Macedonia, and the instructors Nick Lacey and Dave Berry both were compartment fire behaviour and tactical ventilation instructors from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service.

During the one week period over 16 instructors, shift commanders and leading firefighters undertook the training in a disused factory complex which created an ideal facility for the purposes of the training.


Special thanks

Operation Florian are extremely grateful to all supporters of this project. Without your assistance these projects would not be possible. You have helped to save lives and improve community safety: